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Tally Jump

Your new training companion. It provides the best jump rope training experience
Rating: 4.7

✅ 4 silicon protective case colors options (choose one)
✅ 1 Year autonomy with 1 battery

🎁 2 free batteries included
🎁 1 free transport case included

100% made in France 🇫🇷

Weight : 9g (0.31oz)
Size : L 50mm, W 30mm, H 13mm



14-Day Returns

Worldwide shipping


Yes, we ship worldwide.


If you are a retailer or a Jump Rope coach, please contact us : contact@tally-jump.com



One CR2032 battery is made to last 4 trainings per week during one year.

It is not possible at the moment, we have developed the algorithm to work when your tally jump is on top of your foot.

Yes, but you need to find a way to fix it to your foot.

It means battery is low, please put a new battery inside. If the problem persists please contact us : contact@tally-jump.com


You can only connect your Tally Jump to one account.

You can easily switch phones by logging in with your login.

You can but it’s not stable yet, we are working on this now.


Yes, simply select double/triple under mode before starting a session.


Yes but it cannot record the sessions as double dutch yet, if you want to count Double Dutch, you need to have somebody start the counting manually, go to profile select setting, put countdown duration at zero, cut off official soundtrack, and you should be good to go