Make your workouts easier

We count your jumps and track your progress in real time.

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Focus on jumping
not counting

Tally jump Is a small and light device that you place under the laces of your shoe.

It can track all your jumps precisely. You can now focus on having a real workout.

The key features

Stop counting

Tally jump counts all your jumps

Use your own rope

You don’t need to buy anything else. All you need is your rope, and a Tally.

Compete with friends

Share your score and sessions with your friends. Surpass yourself.

Achieve your goals

Fix your goals directly in the app.
It visually helps you reach them.

Made by
Tori Boggs

The world’s first and only jump counter

Tori Boggs is a 30-time Grand World Champ and Triple Under World Record Holder.

The first personal jump rope training tool that counts your jumps with precision while allowing you to train speed and power with your own rope in your own way.

After 2 years of R&D and testing, Tally Jump was successfully funded on KickStarterTally Jump™ is now live !

A real training partner​​

How it works



Place the Tally Jump under the laces of your right shoe



Download and open the Tally Jump app on your device



Start a new session in the app, wait for the timer and.. Jump !

Step up your workout
Anywhere, anytime.

Built to be light and strong


Already +900 Jumpers ! 🥳

Great product !
I have been incorporating jump rope into my workouts for 10 years now. I mainly use the “no time” option on the app which has helped me not lose track of my jumps while keeping time. I have found that I jump faster being able to see both the time and my jumps. I keep it in my gym bag and just pop it in my shoe lace when it’s jump rope time. Allows me to relax and focus on the workout rather than the count
Verified buyer
Great Training Companion
As a 20+ year jump rope coach, I use Tally Jump as a coaches companion to help with speed training at our team’s practices. Tally Jump is a great electronic device for those times when jumpers want to work on their own and at their own pace for improvement and track their progress. Tally Jump brings accuracy in speed workouts into the electronic age. Highly recommend for all levels.
Jump Rope Coach
Verified buyer